Who Is FireHackerOne?

foundation panajachel guatemala
FireHackerOne helping lay the foundation of a free home given to an impoverished family outside of Panajachel, Guatemala.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m FireHackerOne. I carry that persona by night, but I’m a pretty regular guy by day.

That regular guy, he hates the grind, even if it’s for a good cause. He’d rather work for the good cause without the grind. Now don’t get me wrong, hardship is one thing. The ability to endure grind in life builds strong character, because all life has a component¬†of grind in it. But I’m talking about “the grind,” that daily ritual of “working for the man” as some would say, the “rat race.” It goes even further than “the man” and extends even to those who work for themselves, CEOs, executives, you name it.

That Fateful Day

One day, in the middle of what may have been an anxiety attack, I decided that something had to change. I simply could not continue my business-as-usual life without melting down. So I did what few do. I started changing and made some pretty dramatic shifts to simplify things in my life. I regret some of those radical changes, others I’m extremely proud of.¬† By the way, I’d like to help you not make the ones I regret, so I hope you found this site before you were at your wit’s end.

Along with hating the grind, I also hate inefficiency. What I mean by that is that I don’t like making things harder than they have to be. Working to find easier and simpler ways of doing things is often called hacking. And putting all that together I came up with the term “FIREhacking.” (Read on for more about the “fire” part.) Thus, the persona arises… FireHackerOne, the guy trying to find more efficient ways, shortcuts if you will, to extra — extra money, extra time, extra rest, extra fun, extra life. I want that extra time and effort available to spend elsewhere. I often call that “extra” margin.

While I hate the grind and inefficiency, I love margin. I want to create lots of it. I want it in my calendar, in my relationships, in my expenses, pretty much everywhere. Margin just seems to make me better able to focus on things that really matter to me. It seems that I can listen to my kids better when there is margin and my mind isn’t preoccupied with stressful debt or overbearing pressures at work. I can sit and drink really good coffee with my wife while hanging on her every word when there’s margin. Not so much when there isn’t.

Another thing I love is helping people. I am currently employed in the non-profit field because I have a genuine love and care for people. It has never been very lucrative, so it hasn’t been a tremendous source of financial margin. That fact is just a tension to manage, but it also allows me to relate with people who don’t make that much. Even so, I’m well on my way to financial independence. Some would argue that I’m already there.

What Does All That Have to Do with You?

I like to help, and I can help. And… if I can help those who don’t make that much, I can exponentially help those who do.

What is it that I want to help you do? I want to help you find financial independence. I want to help you retire early if you’d like. Financial Independence Retire Early = FIRE. And that’s what we’ll be hacking. It’s about FREEDOM! Freedom from the grind. Freedom from wastefulness. Freedom from the marketing machine. Freedom from the rampant and frivolous consumption. Freedom to actually be the captain of your own ship.

I’m not all the way to FIRE yet, but I’m getting closer. I’ll state that more clearly. I’m pretty financially independent at the moment. My only debt is my house, in which I have more equity than I owe. I also, have a nice-sized nest egg and savings rate. However, I’m only close to being able to retire early. If you twisted my arm or something cataclysmic happened, I’d be fine if I needed to stop working at my day job. I have a clear goal, though. I want to leave behind the forced grind feel of my day job and remove as much inefficiency from my life as possible.

In the process of leaving the grind and inefficiency, I have learned a lot of lessons. Some of those lessons were from the school of hard knocks. I learned them from making mistakes. Hopefully, I can help you make fewer mistakes and avoid some altogether. Many of the lessons I learned from mentors. Some were people I know personally, and some were people I don’t know personally but look to as mentors from afar. My goal is to compile those lessons here on this site. If you learn them, or better yet improve upon them, you can hack FIRE, too.

There’s more about me that might be helpful to share, so I will make it a point to do so along the way. I look forward to joining the FIREHacking journey with you.

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