The Odyssey Begins

Path to FIRE

FirehackerOne will soon begin posting about the odyssey out of a life duped by the so-called “American Dream” and into a life with tangible, meaningful purpose and fulfillment. We hope you will be a part of the voyage. It’s sure to be rife with resistance, misunderstanding, trials, and adversity. But what interesting story is filled with good feelings and no fighting? If you come by for curt answers and a rainbow painted fairy tale, you’re sure to be disappointed. We’re taking the fight to the fight because we have awakened from the stupor of a an empty dream and know there is a better way. We’ll blaze the trail, or maybe it will be a path. You can simply follow through the clearings or roll up your sleeves and join in. You can just watch, roll you eyes, and laugh at the mistakes we’re sure to make. Either way, it should be interesting. Maybe it will even be fun.

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