moneyandfire.com is a labor of love. I started it based on a growing need that keeps popping up around me. Friends, family, those I mentor, and others with whom I happen to cross paths seem to ask the same questions when they find out I have defined opinions and a different take on financial life. Many people suggested, more times than I can remember, that I should write a book or do something similar. Eventually, those suggestions grew annoying with their frequency, but finally I realized that it would actually help me be more thorough with those truly interested in change. Not having the time nor the personal discipline to do the book thing, I finally capitulated and started this blog.

I’m no financial adviser. Don’t buy specific investments based on my rants. However, I might be ok with a financial life adviser label. I address the basics of building a life based on Financial Independence and the option to Retire Early. That particular genre has been label with the acronym FIRE. (Thus, the “fire” part of the site’s name. ) The things I write about are lessons I learned the hard way, or I learned┬álater than I wish I had.

My hope is that I help some “get it” earlier than I did. If you come by later in life, you’d be surprised what you can still accomplish with some purposeful focus and willingness to go against the grain. Otherwise, I’m writing stuff that I’m teaching my kids. If they listen and apply it, they will be better off much earlier than I was. The same goes for you.

I go into the back story a bit more here. Reading a few posts will clue you in a bit more on where I’m coming from. If you only read one post from my site, please at least read this one.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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