10 Best Places to Help You Retire Sooner in 2017

top 10 places to retire 2017

FIREhacking.com is all about financial independence and the option to retire early. One way we often write about that fast-tracks your ability to achieve it is to move to a country that supports a better life at substantially less costs. In many cases you can live on half to a third or even less of your current expenses. It’s worth investigating, and we will write about it plenty. Below, we list the 10 best places to retire in 2017. Don’t buy into what you may think you know about these places. They were all ranked based on many factors, including safety. The big bad marketing machine that siphons your bank account wants you to believe otherwise. Generation Z and millenials are way more mobile than previous generations, so they have a leg up on actually making this kind of move. If you’re motivated enough, you could beat them there.

Here’s a list of best places to retire that will help you get there faster based on one of the indexes we follow.

Top 10 Best Places to Retire in 2017

10- Peru

9- Spain

8- Nicaragua

7- Portugal

6-  Columbia

5-  Malaysia

4-  Ecuador

3-  Panama

2-  Mexico

1- Costa Rica

Interestingly enough with some development of your FIREHacking skills, you can live in the US for a similar COLA (Cost Of Living Average). It’s even been argued that a family should be able to live on $7000-8000 per person per year. The proponent of that argument admits that idea could seem extreme for those who live in the West and particularly those who live in the US. If you think about it, that’s $28,000-32,000 for a family of four. That’s a lot of cabbage if you manage your money right, down-right frivolous even. I will help you work out how to live comfortably on that much money and not feel at all deprived throughout this blog. If you do it (note that I didn’t say if you “can” do it because you can), you can pick your own best places to retire from any country you want.

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